Simply Grapefruit

Due to its shockingly sour taste, Simply Grapefruit is a hardcore juice for hardcore people.



You thought you were about to watch a quaint orange juice ad? Think again.

Florida Death Metal

Simply Grapefruit forms The Savage Citrus, a Floridian death metal band, 
to describe the hardcore taste of grapefruit juice in the debut album To a Pulp (2019).
Copyright 2019 Simply Records

Savage Citrus Merch

Blacklight Billboards

After dark, out of home ads emit a neon glow, like a trippy poster in some college dorm. 

Delivery Vans

Simply Grapefruit delivery vans will be airbrushed with sick, heavy metal designs.
Because just like sour juice, it takes a special person to appreciate an airbrushed van.

AD: Casey Fielder

CW: Jake Christensen