Gold — National Student ADDY Awards 2019
Silver — District 7 Student ADDY Awards 2019
Gold — Atlanta Student ADDY Awards 2019

IKEA, a traditionally sterile brand, will establish an emotional connection with
parents when they need it most: during The Off to College Sale.


Besköta Tissue Box

Letting go of a child is hard. Thankfully, IKEA designed extra soft tissues. Swedish
for bittersweet, the Besköta tissue box will be given away free during the sale.

Therapy Couches

During the sale, IKEA will outfit one of their showrooms with a therapist to counsel
parents through the departure of their children.

Thank You Cards

Included with each Off to College purchase will be a coloring-book style thank you card, so
college students can show their appreciation in a convenient yet heartfelt fashion. After all,
there’s nothing parents love more than a homemade card.

AD: Johnny Lopez
CW: Jake Christensen